Building Experience

For the past 12 years, Rory Mulholland has been working in the New York City entertainment industry, most recently as the CEO of Rory Mulholland Scenery and as a project manager at Global Scenic Services. Along with designers, fabricators, project managers and union teams, he has planned, designed, and built sets for clients on Broadway, on Netflix, Bravo, and NBC. With each project, he has collaborated with teams of skilled artists and technicians, drafting, bidding, and engineering solutions to come in under budget and on time.

As the CEO of a NYC-based theatrical scene shop, Rory used his extensive network and North Carolina School of the Arts education to bring countless fantasies to life. RMS built sets for TONY winners, environments for fashion clients, and the odd event installations, one that required a hot air balloon. We garnered a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Rory brought many of his clients, including Signature Theater, Bravo, and Givenchy, to Global when we merged in 2018.

At Global Scenic Designs, he had the opportunity to work in a much larger space, with a unionized crew. Rory’s last project (before the Corona Virus put a pause on entertainment) was NBC’s two-story peacock installation in the center of Rockefeller Center. As usual, it was a group effort. As Global’s point project manager, Rory worked side-by-side with McLaren Engineers, NBC producers and designers, Local One union crews, and NYC planners to deliver a $1.2 million spectacular, right in the heart of midtown.

Rory Mulholland Scenery hopes to make a roaring come back when the theatres and venues of New York City open back up in 2021! In the mean time, RMS can provide clients with technical knowledge, artistic expertise, and hands on-experience in many areas, including custom fabrication using many mediums and materials, design services, drafting and engineering, planning and budgeting, project management and consultation, installations and renovations in residential and commercial of both indoor and outdoor settings… to name a few.

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